Media Bias

Are there any unbiased news sources which are committed to reliable, accurate facts, not stereotypes and conjecture or trivial entertainment? which are loyal to citizens, not corporate dictators? which rely on verifiable sources of information? which are independent from those they cover? which are committed to being our watchdogs with respect to those in power? … Continue reading Media Bias

Why is American politics so dysfunctional?

Do not fear! This post is not a long, dreary dissertation. It's about a two-minute read, if that. I don't think anyone can simply break politics down into its most basic static and moving parts and then figure out piece by piece why it's so messy these days--or more rightly for the past 245 years. … Continue reading Why is American politics so dysfunctional?

Answers to Your Covid-19 Questions

The torrent of misinformation and disinformation about Covid-19 has not abated, and, consequently, confusion about the virus, vaccines, and treatments is as persistent as the virus itself. If you're searching for reliable information about Covid-19, here's a pretty comprehensive list of most-asked questions and the best available answers. Good luck and keep that chin up!

Happy Hallowthanxmas 2021 and Freddy the Pig

As the end of Hallowthanxmas™ 2021 draws ever closer, may you find serenity in the midst of the phantasmagorical expectations and excesses of the traditional consumerist "holidays"! May you enjoy peace, harmony, and meaningfulness in the coming year without trying too hard. Feel free to download and use (without alteration, please!) the Hallowthanxmas card above. … Continue reading Happy Hallowthanxmas 2021 and Freddy the Pig

The People’s Court and the Big Duck in the Room

In 1933 the National Socialist German Workers Party created the Volksgerichtshof ("People's Court") by order of their Reich Chancellor to circumvent the rule of constitutional law in order to support the establishment of an authoritarian, anti-liberal criminal law system. In the U. S. A., we're not there yet, but it sure looks like our Supreme … Continue reading The People’s Court and the Big Duck in the Room

How I Wrote My Book: A Brief Non-Prescriptive Essay

First, why I write. That's easy. Difficult as it is, it amuses me, and if every once in a while I produce something original and consequential, then I'm happy to think that I still have a serviceable mind. How I write is harder to describe because I'm an exceedingly messy writer. Setting aside a certain … Continue reading How I Wrote My Book: A Brief Non-Prescriptive Essay

Stories we tell ourselves

Why do we tell ourselves stories? Joan Didion said that we do that in order to live. Maybe that's true of some stories. Knitting together the real and fanciful pieces of our personal histories and then weaving them into a larger tapestry we call the human experience helps us see ourselves as something other than … Continue reading Stories we tell ourselves

Climate summit? Bollocks!

"Bollocks": exaggerated truth or blatant lies; unfathomable rubbish (from the Urban Dictionary) Travis, the young narrator of Not Even Light, begins his tale with a look back. It puzzles me whenever I run across someone who doesn't know anything about the Long Last Days, but it probably shouldn't. Stories from the times that saw the … Continue reading Climate summit? Bollocks!

Facebook. Meta. Gimme a flippin’ break!

"O frabjous day! Callooh! Callay!" The Zuckerberg presides over the rebranding of Facebook. It's Meta now, is it? Whoa! WOW! How wonderful! Splendid, even! That's going to fix everything! It ranks right up there with rebranding "systematic torture" as "enhanced interrogation techniques." Here's what'll really go a long way to fix Facebook for you as … Continue reading Facebook. Meta. Gimme a flippin’ break!