Excerpt from “And So It Went: Corporate Sovereignty and Ecocide

Historical Note. "And So It Went: Corporate Sovereignty and Ecocide" was an essay circulated by ItTolls4Thee, a founding group of the Sacred Planet Consortium most of whose members were chased down and "disappeared" during the corporate-underwritten "cleansings" between 2084 and 2087. A small number of ItTolls4Thee refugees escaped certain death by crossing the heavily surveilled … Continue reading Excerpt from “And So It Went: Corporate Sovereignty and Ecocide

Excerpt from One Hunded Years of Lunacy, 1975-2075

Historical Note: One Hunded Years of Lunacy, 1975-2075 was one of a number of paper and ink manuscripts that were carefully copied again and again and secretly circulated among resistence groups during the earliest period of the Long Last Days. By the time Travis penned Not Even Light, the only known copy, brittle with age … Continue reading Excerpt from One Hunded Years of Lunacy, 1975-2075

How to Move to Canada

As the prospects for anything resembling representative democracy in the USA dim, as the "Supreme" Court continues to chip away at voting rights and separation of church and state, ask yourself this. Why not leave the shitstorm behind and move to Canada? It's not as simple as showing up at the border, saying you are … Continue reading How to Move to Canada

A Modest Proposal Regarding Gun Violence in the USA

First, full disclosure. I am a law-abiding, responsible gun owner. I was raised in a family of game hunters who ate everything they harvested from nature. I received my first gun, a .410 shotgun, when I was thirteen. I hunted alongside my grandfather, my father, and my uncles because I was expected to, and I … Continue reading A Modest Proposal Regarding Gun Violence in the USA

Fighting Back Against Hateful Garbage

I compliment Sen. Mallory McMorrow of the Michigan Senate who says it much better than I can. I hope that more citizens of the USA start speaking out against the hateful fear-mongering and wedge-driving that is the Republican playbook. The Republicans and their abetting pulpits and their media propaganda outlets have weaponized civil rights, education, … Continue reading Fighting Back Against Hateful Garbage

There came a wind like a bugle

The last three lines from a poem by Emily Dickinson are the epigraph of Not Even Light. Like you, I feel the winds rising. Our benighted species is drifting away from the shores of rationality and into a storm surge of madness. I don't know exactly what to do anymore other than to take what … Continue reading There came a wind like a bugle

Climate summit? Bollocks!

"Bollocks": exaggerated truth or blatant lies; unfathomable rubbish (from the Urban Dictionary) Travis, the young narrator of Not Even Light, begins his tale with a look back. It puzzles me whenever I run across someone who doesn't know anything about the Long Last Days, but it probably shouldn't. Stories from the times that saw the … Continue reading Climate summit? Bollocks!


The reality show our species produces and acts in is appalling and discouraging. We could be doing so much better for ourselves and our planet, but we keep on mining those veins of stupidity and self-destructiveness that never seem to run out. Ödön von Horváth said, "Nichts gibt so sehr das Gefühl der Unendlichkeit als … Continue reading Stupidity

Dark Mountain Project

I'd like to recommend an article in the NewStatesman about the Dark Mountain Project. Like so many others in the so-called "First World," I've gotten used to burying my head in the sand with respect to where we're all (and I mean all) headed and why we're headed there because of "the stories that our … Continue reading Dark Mountain Project