Post-Election Thoughts

The U. S. midterm elections are over. Sort of. The irritating robocalls have stopped (for now). The mailboxes aren't clogged with political flyers (for now). The partisan yard signs will soon vanish--except, perhaps, from the lawns of disgruntled fans. However, the proclamations about "great victories" and imaginary "mandates" issued by the winners of the biennial … Continue reading Post-Election Thoughts

The 2022 Election Circus

The biennial circus is winding down as election season nears its end. The candidates are nearly done braying and trumpeting their misrepresentations, empty promises, and, well, just plain ol' bullshit about how hard they're fighting for us and their nebulous plans and their unfit opponents and so forth ad nauseam. They're striking their tents, concluding their … Continue reading The 2022 Election Circus

A Despicable Human Being?

A new low in American politics has occurred. The future of a livable planet? Meaningful action on the climate crisis? There's someone who really doesn't care. Follow the link and decide for yourself whether he's a poster boy for despicable human beings. Don't worry about hurting his feelings if you think he is. Unless enough … Continue reading A Despicable Human Being?

Excerpt #2 from One Hundred Years of Lunacy, 1975-2075

Historical Note: One Hunded Years of Lunacy, 1975-2075 was one of a number of paper and ink manuscripts that were carefully copied again and again and secretly circulated among resistence groups during the earliest period of the Long Last Days. By the time Travis penned Not Even Light, the only known copy, brittle with age … Continue reading Excerpt #2 from One Hundred Years of Lunacy, 1975-2075

Moral Reasoning and the Supreme Court

As a free individual with the capacity to struggle with and figure out moral issues for myself, I believe and live by the idea that my moral reasoning about good and bad, right and wrong, justice and injustice defines me to a large extent. And like you, I do not like being defined by others. … Continue reading Moral Reasoning and the Supreme Court

Flags at Half-Staff

If our incumbent lawmakers and candidates really want to honor victims of gun violence, I'd suggest they do something substantial to minimize the madness in the USA. (See my previous post for some suggestions.) Until then, let's stop kidding ourselves and just keep the flags flying at half-staff.

A Modest Proposal Regarding Gun Violence in the USA

First, full disclosure. I am a law-abiding, responsible gun owner. I was raised in a family of game hunters who ate everything they harvested from nature. I received my first gun, a .410 shotgun, when I was thirteen. I hunted alongside my grandfather, my father, and my uncles because I was expected to, and I … Continue reading A Modest Proposal Regarding Gun Violence in the USA

Empty Talk After the Texas School Massacre

A BRIEF CHRONICLE OF UNAPOLOGETIC HYPOCRISY “But then I sigh, with a piece of Scripture Tell them that God bids us to do evil for good; And thus I clothe my naked villany With odd old ends stolen out of Holy Writ; And seem a saint, when most I play the devil.” (Shakespeare, Richard III) … Continue reading Empty Talk After the Texas School Massacre

Fighting Back Against Hateful Garbage

I compliment Sen. Mallory McMorrow of the Michigan Senate who says it much better than I can. I hope that more citizens of the USA start speaking out against the hateful fear-mongering and wedge-driving that is the Republican playbook. The Republicans and their abetting pulpits and their media propaganda outlets have weaponized civil rights, education, … Continue reading Fighting Back Against Hateful Garbage

The End Justifies the Means? Really?

There's a subgroup of humans I find particularly contemptible. Usually I use the term "contemptible" to describe politicians and their remora, but more and more I find it an apt label for the "Christians" who advance their check-the-box systems of belief by cozying up to scumbag politicians who have their own self-serving agendas.  Maybe they … Continue reading The End Justifies the Means? Really?

Political Cultism

It takes no great insight to see how political parties resemble cults. Why anyone would surrender his or her autonomy, volition, and common sense to become a thrall to some oppressive and authoritarian lout is not easily answered. However, our history as a civilized species demonstrates time and again that it's not at all remarkable … Continue reading Political Cultism

“Legitimate Political Discourse”

"The Republican National Committee censured two GOP lawmakers on Friday for participating on the committee investigating the violent Jan. 6 insurrection and assailed the panel for leading a 'persecution of ordinary citizens engaged in legitimate political discourse.'" (AP, February 4, 2022) legitimate (lə-jĭt′ə-mĭt) adjective: 1. Being in compliance with the law; lawful. 2. Being in … Continue reading “Legitimate Political Discourse”

What would Orwell say today?

George Orwell first published his essay "Politics and the English Language" in 1945 and Nineteen Eighty-Four in 1949. Both works address serious issues Orwell observed in the world of his day, which, to most of us, must seem forever ago. However, see if these passages from "Politics" do not ring true today, perhaps more conclusively … Continue reading What would Orwell say today?

Why is American politics so dysfunctional?

Do not fear! This post is not a long, dreary dissertation. It's about a two-minute read, if that. I don't think anyone can simply break politics down into its most basic static and moving parts and then figure out piece by piece why it's so messy these days--or more rightly for the past 245 years. … Continue reading Why is American politics so dysfunctional?

The People’s Court and the Big Duck in the Room

In 1933 the National Socialist German Workers Party created the Volksgerichtshof ("People's Court") by order of their Reich Chancellor to circumvent the rule of constitutional law in order to support the establishment of an authoritarian, anti-liberal criminal law system. In the U. S. A., we're not there yet, but it sure looks like our Supreme … Continue reading The People’s Court and the Big Duck in the Room

My Body, My Rights/Choice

I've seen these words or some variation on many signs carried by all sorts of people. What does it mean to say "My body, my choice" or "My body, my rights" without contradicting oneself or being hypocritical? Let's say an anti-vaxxer claims a "right" to abstain from vaccinations, becomes infected with a virulent strain of … Continue reading My Body, My Rights/Choice