The Great Western New York Storm

It's easy to become world-weary and cynical given all the headlines showcasing political crapola, war-mongering monsters, societal fracturing, fatuous celebrities, inordinate commercialism, natural and unnatural disasters, etc. But once in a while, and happily so, a wonderful story featuring human decency rises to the surface to remind us of our fundamental interconnectedness as Gaians, to … Continue reading The Great Western New York Storm

Political Cultism

It takes no great insight to see how political parties resemble cults. Why anyone would surrender his or her autonomy, volition, and common sense to become a thrall to some oppressive and authoritarian lout is not easily answered. However, our history as a civilized species demonstrates time and again that it's not at all remarkable … Continue reading Political Cultism

Are humans good or evil? It’s a false dichotomy.

I started thinking about this perennial question again after studying a post at another blog. Given the sickening war in Ukraine (and other ongoing conficts which for the most part go unmentioned in the "news"), the human-caused degradation of our mother the Earth, the themes of violence running through much of what we create as … Continue reading Are humans good or evil? It’s a false dichotomy.

All Too Human

As humans unleash an ugly primitivism upon themselves on a grand scale again, it brought to mind the BBC video below which I viewed a few years ago. Baboons are limited to using their formidable teeth to maim each other whereas we have much more sophisticated weaponry with which to shred ourselves to pieces. However, … Continue reading All Too Human

Stories we tell ourselves

Why do we tell ourselves stories? Joan Didion said that we do that in order to live. Maybe that's true of some stories. Knitting together the real and fanciful pieces of our personal histories and then weaving them into a larger tapestry we call the human experience helps us see ourselves as something other than … Continue reading Stories we tell ourselves