The 2022 Election Circus

The biennial circus is winding down as election season nears its end. The candidates are nearly done braying and trumpeting their misrepresentations, empty promises, and, well, just plain ol' bullshit about how hard they're fighting for us and their nebulous plansĀ and their unfit opponents and so forth ad nauseam. They're striking their tents, concluding their … Continue reading The 2022 Election Circus

Excerpt #3 from One Hundred Years of Lunacy, 1975-2075

Historical Note: One Hunded Years of Lunacy, 1975-2075 was one of a number of paper and ink manuscripts that were carefully copied time and again and secretly circulated among resistence groups during the earliest period of the Long Last Days. By the time Travis penned Not Even Light, the only known copy, brittle with age … Continue reading Excerpt #3 from One Hundred Years of Lunacy, 1975-2075