The Private Life of a Cat

The Private Life of a Cat is a charming 1946 short film by Alexander Hammid. There was a longer (scrapped) sound version narrated by Hammid's wife Maya Deren, an important figure in the history of experimental film, but this first twenty-two minute b&w silent version seems especially appealing given the clamor and commotion of our … Continue reading The Private Life of a Cat

Before you apply sunscreen this summer…

...make sure you find a product that won't expose you to benzene, a truly terrible, horrible, no good, very bad health hazard. As always, forewarned is forearmed as we spot the tip of yet another iceberg on our sailing trip through the Anthropocene. For more information, here's a Guardian article, "Carcinogenic chemical benzene found in … Continue reading Before you apply sunscreen this summer…

Are humans good or evil? It’s a false dichotomy.

I started thinking about this perennial question again after studying a post at another blog. Given the sickening war in Ukraine (and other ongoing conficts which for the most part go unmentioned in the "news"), the human-caused degradation of our mother the Earth, the themes of violence running through much of what we create as … Continue reading Are humans good or evil? It’s a false dichotomy.

Big Oil’s Blah Blah, Blah

This story was originally published by Grist. You can subscribe to its weekly newsletter here, and I strongly urge you to do just that. In my opinion, Grist addresses the issues most fundamental to our continued existence on the Petri dish we call home. The massive disconnect between Big Oil’s words and actions, in data … Continue reading Big Oil’s Blah Blah, Blah

Aid for Ukraine

It's hard to imagine what the men, women, and children of Ukraine have been going through since February 24th. Please consider joining me in making a donation to help them through the humanitarian crisis created by the Russian invasion of their country. If you are so inclined, and I hope you are, the Charity Navigator … Continue reading Aid for Ukraine

All Too Human

As humans unleash an ugly primitivism upon themselves on a grand scale again, it brought to mind the BBC video below which I viewed a few years ago. Baboons are limited to using their formidable teeth to maim each other whereas we have much more sophisticated weaponry with which to shred ourselves to pieces. However, … Continue reading All Too Human

Breaking News (!!!) brought to you by…a talking lizard!

I haven't listened to televised news broadcasts on NBC, CBS, and ABC here in the USA for some time now, and I've never watched FOX "news" at all because, know. The main reason I seek news elsewhere (AP and Reuters online) is that the principal objective of programming of any sort on commerical television … Continue reading Breaking News (!!!) brought to you by…a talking lizard!

“Legitimate Political Discourse”

"The Republican National Committee censured two GOP lawmakers on Friday for participating on the committee investigating the violent Jan. 6 insurrection and assailed the panel for leading a 'persecution of ordinary citizens engaged in legitimate political discourse.'" (AP, February 4, 2022) legitimate (lə-jĭt′ə-mĭt) adjective: 1. Being in compliance with the law; lawful. 2. Being in … Continue reading “Legitimate Political Discourse”

Of Mice and Members of a Tennesee School Board

When I first spotted the headline "Book about Holocaust banned in Tennessee School District" today, I began reading the article wondering if Maus had at least in part been banned because of its deliberately insulting depiction of Poles as pigs. Of course, that wasn't the reason at all. Why was Art Spiegelman's graphic novel Maus … Continue reading Of Mice and Members of a Tennesee School Board

Beef Barley Soup Recipe

It's been pretty darn cold in my neck of the woods, and that's inspired me to share our recipe for a cold weather favorite, beef barley soup. INGREDIENTS (enough for 2 days’ meals for the two of us and a goodly portion left over for freezing). The stuff in parentheses is optional. Extra virgin olive … Continue reading Beef Barley Soup Recipe