Post-Election Thoughts

The U. S. midterm elections are over. Sort of. The irritating robocalls have stopped (for now). The mailboxes aren’t clogged with political flyers (for now). The partisan yard signs will soon vanish–except, perhaps, from the lawns of disgruntled fans. However, the proclamations about “great victories” and imaginary “mandates” issued by the winners of the biennial showdown between the warring teams of our political duopoly will persist for a while longer.

For the most part, the weary electorate is about to return to its usual state of torpor for another two years. Be assured though that the never-resting political engineers will be re-fashioning their tactics, refining their strategems for the big 2024 game, and doing their best to keep “the people” as agitated and disconnected from facts as possible in non-election years.

So then, was our latest election a demonstration of democracy in action? Was it what a representative democracy ideally ought to look like? Did we present the other 96% of the human population on our mother the Earth an inspiring model of government?

Citizens of the USA can (and sometimes do) exercise their right to vote despite the maneuvering of politicians to handpick their constituencies through gerrymandering, photo ID requirements, restricted voting hours, voter roll purges, etc. I guess that’s evidence of something like democracy in action.

It’s still possible that losing candidates will not kick up a prolonged tantrum about having lost. (On the playgrounds of my youth we boys used to scorn a sore loser as a “crybaby” or “mama’s boy.” Still works for me.) It’s possible that there’ll be smooth transfers of power following this election, although recent evidence suggests that such an outcome is becoming more iffy.

I suppose that despite the befuddling fog of lies, half-truths, and diversions spread by conspiracy “theorists” (who used to be called “crackpots” or “fuitcakes” back in the day) and party operatives via “social” media, spammy texts, political pep rallies, biased “news” outlets, etc., I believe that there is still enough critical intelligence in the electorate to keep democracy alive.

In any case, “the people” have once again voted, and, once again, may God help us all regardless of our political affiliations.

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