The 2022 Election Circus

Vote for the future of our children and the planet.

The biennial circus is winding down as election season nears its end. The candidates are nearly done braying and trumpeting their misrepresentations, empty promises, and, well, just plain ol’ bullshit about how hard they’re fighting for us and their nebulous plans and their unfit opponents and so forth ad nauseam. They’re striking their tents, concluding their campaigns, and preparing to strut and crow if they win or lick their wounds if they lose. But only temporarily, of course, for they will all be back another day to pose as the best and truest champions of the people.

If we can tear ourselves away from our entertainments and diversions for a moment, let’s take the time to choose between those who will accelerate the death spiral of civilized society and our mother the Earth and those who will accelerate it somewhat less. What a choice! Hold your nose and vote! Nonetheless, this election will inform the future of us all, but it’s particularly about the future of our newest generation and those generations to come. Inasmuch as our individual voices still count for anything, it’s a choice we must make if for no other reason than to exercise that constitutional right in these disorderly, hysterical times.

Educate yourself about the candidates (and I don’t mean through social media posts or biased “news” channels) and vote, please.

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