Excerpt from “And So It Went: Corporate Sovereignty and Ecocide

Historical Note. “And So It Went: Corporate Sovereignty and Ecocide” was an essay circulated by ItTolls4Thee, a founding group of the Sacred Planet Consortium most of whose members were chased down and “disappeared” during the corporate-underwritten “cleansings” between 2084 and 2087. A small number of ItTolls4Thee refugees escaped certain death by crossing the heavily surveilled and fortified US-Canadian border via the New Underground Railroad. They established a settlement named Talking Trees on the Bruce Peninsula of Ontario. One of the main characters of Not Even Light hails from Talking Trees farm, but by the time of Travis’s story, the history of ItTolls4Thee had long passed beyond memory’s reach.

Excerpt: “After the forcible conversion of the last of the ‘Blue’ states in 2084, the Congress of Christian Men and their SCOTUS deputies redefined the concept of ‘territory’ and, with the unanimous consent of all 50 state legislatures, began the process of admitting colossal corporations and syndicates into statehood, with their number of representatives and senators being largely determined by their financial capacity to bankroll the agenda of the Paleoconservative Party, to fund the Interstate Police Agency, and to produce addictive products and services to sedate the general population. Naturally, the day-to-day activities of these new states were not hampered by government interference or oversight, and the resulting environmental catastrophe was swift and inevitable.”

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