Excerpt from One Hunded Years of Lunacy, 1975-2075

Historical Note: One Hunded Years of Lunacy, 1975-2075 was one of a number of paper and ink manuscripts that were carefully copied again and again and secretly circulated among resistence groups during the earliest period of the Long Last Days. By the time Travis penned Not Even Light, the only known copy, brittle with age and incomplete, resided in Teacher Avner’s library on White Cedars farm.

From Chapter 4, “The Early Days of Accelerated Madness”

“…and, thus, the Long Last Days gained considerable momentum with the insertion of a radical right-wing coalition into the Supreme Court of the United States of America during the Trump regime. The partisan zealots of this authoritarian super-majority wasted no time in clearing the way for, among other things, the dismantling of federal and state programs attempting to counter the already run-away effects of climate change, the continuing suppression of voting rights, the universal monitoring of menstrual cycles by the Ministry of Public and Private Morals, the ascendency of the hyper-reactionary Paleoconservative Party, the 29th Amendment (aka, “New and Improved #2″) which guaranteed each Paleoconservative male citizen by birth of the USA the right to possess and freely carry, concealed or unconcealed, any fully-automatic firearm upon reaching the age of 16, and the establishment of freelance border militias to maintain the security of ‘Red State’ lines.”

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