How to Move to Canada

As the prospects for anything resembling representative democracy in the USA dim, as the “Supreme” Court continues to chip away at voting rights and separation of church and state, ask yourself this. Why not leave the shitstorm behind and move to Canada?

It’s not as simple as showing up at the border, saying you are seeking asylum, and being welcomed with open arms. So if you’re interested in and eligible for Canadian citizenship, I’d recommend you start looking into the hoops you’ll need to jump through pronto. Go here for the straight dope:

Official Canadian Immigration and Citizenship Information

Why move to Canada? It’s not a perfect utopia, but, for starters…

  • A more balanced, high-quality life–no bullshit “American Dream”
  • Much quieter politics
  • Subsidized quality public education and a well-educated population–ranked in the top ten of the world for education
  • Universal free basic health care
  • Progressive civil liberties
  • 34 guns per hundred people in Canada vs 121 in the USA and a very low crime rate
  • Lots of natural beauty and outdoor adventures–longest coastline in the world and more lakes than all the rest of the world
  • A safe place to raise a family
  • Incredible world class public transportation
  • Comfortable and affordable living near vibrant modern cities
  • An atmosphere of tolerance and open-mindedness
  • Serious commitment to STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math)
  • Clean air
  • Poutine (a personal favorite)
  • Etc. You can find tons more information online.

I leave you to it. If moving to Canada seems right for you, don’t put off the move until, as in my case, it’s too late.

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