Fighting Back Against Hateful Garbage

I compliment Sen. Mallory McMorrow of the Michigan Senate who says it much better than I can. I hope that more citizens of the USA start speaking out against the hateful fear-mongering and wedge-driving that is the Republican playbook. The Republicans and their abetting pulpits and their media propaganda outlets have weaponized civil rights, education, sex, religion, the judiciary, the pandemic, bigotry, science, reason itself, etc. to advance their not-very-subtle goal of a permanent Christofascist promised land. Yes, I know I could be accused of fear-mongering myself, but here’s a thought. We have aquaintances in Germany who are dismayed as they view what’s going on in the USA. They say that there was a time in their own country when its citizenry didn’t see it coming either…and then, it was too late.

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