Political Cultism

It takes no great insight to see how political parties resemble cults.

Why anyone would surrender his or her autonomy, volition, and common sense to become a thrall to some oppressive and authoritarian lout is not easily answered. However, our history as a civilized species demonstrates time and again that it’s not at all remarkable that a spiteful, destructive bully with a deep need for grandiosity and constant stroking can rise to power and command fealty from a multitude. In fact, it’s commonplace.

It’s also hardly news that humans are susceptible to fear-based manipulation, especially in times that increase their sense of helplessness and vulnerability. Unfortunately for the world, that sense of insecurity is now magnified and stoked by savvy politicial operatives who are skilled at using social media for the recruitment and retention of a zealous base, an unquestioning group who will buy into bald-faced lies to support a figure or a party who they have been indoctrinated to believe has all the answers.

And the answers are so simple! It’s all black and white, good vs. evil, all or nothing, we vs. the hated and feared other. Just surrender and believe. All will be well if you just believe.

Except it’s not that simple. It never has been, isn’t now, and won’t be in saecula saeculorum.

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