All Too Human

As humans unleash an ugly primitivism upon themselves on a grand scale again, it brought to mind the BBC video below which I viewed a few years ago. Baboons are limited to using their formidable teeth to maim each other whereas we have much more sophisticated weaponry with which to shred ourselves to pieces. However, when it comes to human warfare, I don’t see that we’re all that much different from baboons. In either case, to the victor belong the spoils, and it’s bugger all for everyone else. What disgusts and dismays me most is that our atavistic tendencies are so easily stirred to action by the power-hungry overlords of our many kakistocracies–the politicians, oligarchs, plutocrats, dictators–whom we still allow to call the shots at a comfortable distance while we march double-quick to slaughter ourselves on their behalf.

I hope, I really do, that before the lights go out for all of us, we will find ways to renounce and dismiss the unprincipled puppeteers who have been running the show for way too long. Even though I know we won’t, I still hope that we will with every ounce of my being.

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