Breaking News (!!!) brought to you by…a talking lizard!

I haven’t listened to televised news broadcasts on NBC, CBS, and ABC here in the USA for some time now, and I’ve never watched FOX “news” at all because, well…you know.

The main reason I seek news elsewhere (AP and Reuters online) is that the principal objective of programming of any sort on commerical television is to attract viewers to…guess what…commercials. Our evening “news” is little more than a storefront for pharmaceutical companies, financial services, insurance providers, car and truck manufacturers, the industry that creates food-like rubbish, etc. Gosh, I have better things to do than to subject myself nightly to little depressing gobbets of what someone considers “newsworthy” floating around in a morass of manipulative commericals starring the likes of the little animated Cologuard box or that horrible little lizard selling insurance. I mean, for Pete’s sake, I’m an adult.

I’ve found that I feel better mentally and even physically since giving up network and cable news. May I suggest you give it a try?

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