Media Bias

Are there any unbiased news sources which are committed to reliable, accurate facts, not stereotypes and conjecture or trivial entertainment? which are loyal to citizens, not corporate dictators? which rely on verifiable sources of information? which are independent from those they cover? which are committed to being our watchdogs with respect to those in power? which evince ethics and responsibility and a moral compass? and which are not just wind machines for either the extreme left or right?

Here’s a link to the AllSides Media Bias Chart which sorts a large number of the top media news outlets by political perspective. If you’ve wondered about the bias of your choice of news and information, wonder no more. It is important to read the FAQ at the Allsides site so you’re clear on their methodology and, for example, you don’t merely glance at the chart and assume that the outlets in the “Center” column are the best to go to for unbiased information.

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