Why is American politics so dysfunctional?

Do not fear! This post is not a long, dreary dissertation. It’s about a two-minute read, if that.

I don’t think anyone can simply break politics down into its most basic static and moving parts and then figure out piece by piece why it’s so messy these days–or more rightly for the past 245 years. However, and generally speaking, I think it’s fair to say that American politics has been and is in a pickle because it’s conducted by <drum roll…>…politicians!

Ninety-nine percent of these ticks on the body politic give the remaining one percent a bad name. The bad name I associate with the ninety-nine percenters is “craven schmucks.” (Yes, politicians are not covered by my no name-calling rule.)

Employing a graphic from the debunked pseuodscience of phrenology, I’ve created a image that illustrates the most obvious aspects of your off-the-rack politician and that also offers an answer to the question “Why is American politics so dysfunctional?”

I suggest you keep this image handy for reference during the impending poopfests of the 2022 and 2024 elections…and forever thereafter.

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