Happy Hallowthanxmas 2021 and Freddy the Pig

Happy Hallowthanxmas 2021!

As the end of Hallowthanxmas™ 2021 draws ever closer, may you find serenity in the midst of the phantasmagorical expectations and excesses of the traditional consumerist “holidays”! May you enjoy peace, harmony, and meaningfulness in the coming year without trying too hard.

Feel free to download and use (without alteration, please!) the Hallowthanxmas card above. I made it years ago for a page of the Walter R. Brooks fan site I created and then cultivated for many years before deciding to put my energy into other pursuits. Mr. Brooks’s 26-volume Freddy the Pig series published between 1927 and 1958 is still available, and I believe many juvenile readers would love to follow the adventures of the delightful Bean farm animals. Visit Amazon for ebook versions of the entire series as well as editions in other formats. Also, check out the Friends of Freddy, a pretty nifty fan site indeed.

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