The People’s Court and the Big Duck in the Room

In 1933 the National Socialist German Workers Party created the Volksgerichtshof (“People’s Court”) by order of their Reich Chancellor to circumvent the rule of constitutional law in order to support the establishment of an authoritarian, anti-liberal criminal law system.

In the U. S. A., we’re not there yet, but it sure looks like our Supreme Court has begun to resemble the judicial arm of the Republican party which is shedding all pretense of advancing the ideals of a representative democracy in its determination to suppress voters’ rights, its tacit and increasingly blatant vocal support of right wing extremism, its adherence to the “big lies” and “alternative facts” of its cynical champions, its celebration of lunacy and violence (remember how its most recent Presidential candidate said he’d like to punch protestors at one of his rallies?), its dismissal of facts and truth and science–well, I could go on, but why rehash what’s incontestable. It’s a duck all right, isn’t it, because it looks like one, and walks like one, and quacks like one.

I’ve loathed bamboozling, hoodwinking politicians of all stripes for a long time, but nowadays my loathing is accompanied by genuine fear, especially given the steady erosion of the concept of checks and balances, of rationality, of common decency, and the rule of law. I’m afraid for the young’uns growing up in this toxic mess thinking that it’s normal or business as usual. I shudder to think what 2024 will bring.

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