The reality show our species produces and acts in is appalling and discouraging. We could be doing so much better for ourselves and our planet, but we keep on mining those veins of stupidity and self-destructiveness that never seem to run out. Ödön von Horváth said, “Nichts gibt so sehr das Gefühl der Unendlichkeit als wie die Dummheit.” (“Nothing conveys the feeling of infinity as much as stupidity does.”) Is he right about us?

Are humans generally uninterested in or incapable of discovering truth through reasoning about evidence? Do most humans believe rubbish because it’s convenient or easy or because they’re too lazy to examine their programming? Are humans generally so gullible and exploitable that they’ll continue to surrender their brains to whackdoodles, demagogues, and manipulators? Will stupidity continue to overshadow any good sense we manage to muster to face the increasing challenges to our continued existence?

If as a species we are that stupid, then game over and onward to the world of Not Even Light.

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