My Body, My Rights/Choice

I’ve seen these words or some variation on many signs carried by all sorts of people. What does it mean to say “My body, my choice” or “My body, my rights” without contradicting oneself or being hypocritical?

Let’s say an anti-vaxxer claims a “right” to abstain from vaccinations, becomes infected with a virulent strain of a virus, and then infects the new-born child of, say, a close relative resulting in the death of that infant. To what degree is the result of that decision different from that of someone who elects to have an abortion? Where does the human-concocted idea of self-governing sovereign rights fit in with the notion of universal moral principles?

I struggle with this issue, and, I’m sorry to say, it seems nearly impossible to have a reasonable conversation about it with anyone infected with the mishmash of politics, ideology, and absolute conviction which dismayingly passes for thinking these days.

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